Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spin, Span, Spun

This is a new record. I stopped only because...I ran out of fiber!

As I have become better at spindle spinning, I've been able to handle bigger and bigger cops on my spindles. This, a Bossie midi, has the largest one ever:

2 5/8 oz - 1.25 oz spindle = 1 3/8oz of lovely Romney

I hear tell that one should be able to make a cop that at least weighs as much as the spindle before winding off. I can now say I've done that! WOOT!


Lapdog Creations said...


Elisa said...

Very pretty. How did you like spinning Romney? I have some in the Tour de Fleece queue but haven't gotten to it yet.

So what wheel are you going to get??? (can you say 'enabler'?)

Gina House said...

Beautiful!!! Gigi, if you need fiber, please let me know. I'm up to my eyeballs in it and I would be glad to give you some for free. Just let me know what you want to spin or what color and I can bring it to you. Keep spinning for both of us!! LOL!