Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Crocheter Walks Into a Yarn Store...

and SCORES! Seven 250 yard skeins of 100% alpaca for 25% off! Yipee! Isn't it yummy? As you can imagine it is also very soft. Should the crochet gods be smiling upon me along with the muses of creativity this yarn will become a crocheted version of Elizabeth Zimmeran's pi shawl.

Below is my first attempt at converting the pi shawl to crochet. It seemed to work, however, the sport weight yarn I tried turned out too stiff. Yes, I know I could have tried a larger hook. The more I thought about the result, though, the more I realized the shawl would be bulkier and heavier than I hoped. So... nothing should be a loss. It will go to the local animal shelter as a snuggle (see "The Snuggle Project" link to the right) for a lovely cat or dog who is looking for a "forever home".

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